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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My favorite music composer, CinCin Lee have returned with a more amazing album. In her latest masterwork, she has immersed herself in her traveling experiences to create this album along her music notes, thoughts and photographs.

Story Island is a combined music and video documentary about 14 ordinary people reflecting on their careers and families in various parts of Taiwan. The album comes with three short films about these individuals, who include farmers, hostel-keepers and aboriginals. Themes such as simplicity, harmony and warmth are as abundant in the film profiles as in the music. This intimate picture is the work of composer CinCin Lee, winner of the 2005 Golden Horse award for best film music. To create Story Island, she spent three years travelling around Taiwan picking up folk tunes and the feeling of life at grass-roots level.

* Part one - Northern Taiwan

* Part two - Eastern Taiwan

And now let's enjoy the part three of Story Island - Southern Taiwan

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  1. Loved my travels through Taiwan back in 1999. Traveled around the entire country for 3 weeks after my sister was married there in Da Shee just outside of Taipei. Lovely country and the food was amazing. I'd go back there definitely!

    Thanks for a really great post here!

  2. This is such a great place. Seems so peaceful and enjoyable place to stay. I remember last year when me and my husband were looking at the sun after we had the Vanuatu gamefishing. It was really so memorable and I always want to do it again.


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