Acura ILX 2013 Best Day Experience NYC

Monday, August 06, 2012

Right out of the box, the Acura ILX was a hit. I was invited to be a part of the Acura Best Day community and got early access to the ILX Hybrid when it hit New York City last weekend!

The event also included musical entertainment, food, a photo booth, and the original car of Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) vehicle from the new Marvel’s Avengers movie, isn't that cool?

It was a beautiful day in the city to test drive the 2013 ILX and ILX Hybrid through both a closed course and cross - town drive right on Citi field - Mets Stadium. We were happy to test out the ILX automatic transmission in the cross town driving.

The luxury sedans drove beautifully through the closed course that showcased the car’s great handling and performance. But wait, 44 mpg? That's awesome! Many hybrids are really designed for city driving only, so driving as fast as we did for as long as we did could have killed our mileage. Also most hybrids are less powerful than the regular cars, not so good in highway performance. But in the case of the ILX, and everything else you would hope for from Acura was there, too: GPS navigation built in, heated seats, satellite radio, media connection (hello to iPhone and android phone), comfortable car seat, good rear seat foot room, sunroof, spacious trunk, even manumatic paddle shifters for manually shifting gears from the steering wheel.

I enjoyed the ride in both ILX’s but I slightly prefer the Hybrid over the automatic. Some of our favorite features on both cars were the Keyless access and push button ignition, the multi view rear camera, and of course the great gas mileage.

The ILX Hybrid starts at only $29,000... If you’re in the market for a hybrid sedan, definitely check this one out.

Click here to RSVP for the Invite-Only Acura ILX Ride & Drive Event in Philly, August 18-19, and for your chance to win your dream "Best Day" experience!

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