External Battery for My IPhone 4

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I don't remember since when I started to owned apple products, probably back in 2005, jeez, almost 10 years it is. My Iphone 4 has been around for almost 2 years and mainly I use my iPhone more for photography, web surfing than for talking, but I'm always running out of battery, especially when I head out for the day, my battery will drain like drinking water. I usually have to start shutting things down (wifi, internet, screen brightness, etc.) halfway through the day to maintain any battery.

I started looking for some sort of external battery for my phone, but couldn't really find anything. My friend owned an external battery charger case for iPhone, but I don't like the bulkiness. And then the Power Bank 5000 mAh charger came along and it's awesome. Portable Power bank not only will charge my iPhone, it can charge my iPad and my Bluetooth headset. Another good thing about it is, cables are included, I don't even have to get my own, amazing it is?

When I bought it from batterhead, the USB Power Bank charger original kit includes the light-weight battery pack, USB to micro input charging cable and retractable output power cable. I'm glad I bought it, it helps my iPhone battery keep rolling till the end of the day.

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