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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Since when my blogs become a food blog? I have no idea myself, probably because all the yummy food I had been eating lately, I would feel totally guilty if I don't blog about it. ;)

As a child growing up, as much as i can remember I enjoyed good food, but I never learned the art at of cooking until I met my formal roommate. An acupuncturist from Philippine. She had the wall spice rack underneath the cabinet, she used spices every time when she cook. She taught me that food is always taste better when added some herbs on it, like the salt and pepper compliments the salmon fillet or basil and parsley compliments the clams in white wine sauce. You'll enjoy cooking a lot more once you've mastered the basics of the spice. Eventually the little spice rack in the kitchen are my secret to yummy meal!

Most herbs that I use are the dried herbs from the spice racks that sit on my kitchen counter. Occasionally I would use fresh herbs such as basil for my oven baked chicken and salmon, otherwise I'll stick to dried herbs. Fresh herbs won't last long even you put it in the fridge, most of them ended their life in the garbage can after 2 use. On the other hand, you an keep dried herbs as long as you can before the expiration date (if they have any). Check out my white wine clam pasta recipe below this posting! And oh, I bought most of my dried herbs from spice racks online store ;)

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