Twins Birthday's Gifts

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My cousins are going to celebrate their 15th birthday in another week time. (twin siblings) As their cousin, I already bought them tons of stuff during the last 5 years we knew each others, perhaps I'll get them something different this time? After browsing through many websites, I still cannot decide what to get for them. Baseball cap for Michael, he has aplenty; I thought of getting some skincare products for Alicia, but lately she hinted that she has a few bottles left. I was at my wits end when suddenly I came across this awesome website that sells boys baseball necklace, I decide to buy him two of this since he's a huge Yankees fan. Then when I click around, I found this cheap camisoles and cheap women's claddagh ring, I decide to get her few of these. I think they will love this gifts very much!

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