Summer in Washington D.C and Maryland

Monday, February 06, 2012

Over the summer I went down to Washington DC to spent the July 4th weekend with Elena and Vic. Vic had been to Washington a number of times, but it been at least a few years and he hadn’t actually looked around in a while. So we took the car and drove down in the morning and we spent the better part of Friday afternoon from lunch in DC Chinatown, Ford's Theatre, Spy Museum and hotel in Maryland.

Monuments, museums and statues, oh my! The thought of Washington, DC probably brings images of one of these to mind. The District of Columbia is all about politics and power. History, too, plays a big role in why visitors choose the area as a travel destination every year.
Along the way we made a number of stops along the way at places like the White House, Washington Monument, downtown D.C, Treasury Building, Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial as well.
We took some time to visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. While there I saw the Hope Diamond and amazing displays on dinosaurs, gems, and planetary evolution. Of course another great museum would be the Air Space Craft Museum! Awesome!
The trip to Washington D.C left me inspired and motivated, especially most of the memorials seemed to reach out to me. I know we can do more to help shape our great nation for generations to come if we only follow the example set by our forefathers, and in particular these two great men! Kudos to Lincoln!

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  1. HI,really nice photos!Wish to visit the USA the way LINKED U ALREADY IN MY 2 SITES.PLS DO THE SAME.

  2. This is very nice place. Nice photos taken..

  3. You took really nice pictures! Really pretty!


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