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Thursday, February 16, 2012

One of those year .. When I was a Treasurer of Student Government of SUNY Cobleskill, I promoted SGA to student body through giving out free custom made t-shirt, pens, note pad and travel travel mugs. I never underestimated the power of giving out customized items to public to promote companie's products are so useful. In fact, I've been a customer for citiback since year 2006 when I received a free mug from them to open a student checking account. For most businesses, customized mugs are considered as one of the most effective marketing tools. Lots of business have improved their business credibility through personalized mugs.

Back to 1990s when companies were using banners and brochures to promote their products and services was not eco-friendly. Imagine when all the brochures will be thrown away at some point, it just create more environmental issues. But nowadays, custom mugs have changed this tradition in a more sustainable way. Companies prefer to have custom mugs as a giveaway gift to their employees, customers and prospect customers because of a lot of reasons. These reasons include the usefulness of the mugs and their little cost. Mugs can be reuse in any household or office without ending up in the trash can after receiving it from companies.

Many businesses find personalized mugs as an effective promotional item for with not much effort, mugs can have logo or a short message about their business. Giving mugs with company's logo or message about the business is a unique way to advertise the company together with its products and services. Customized mugs cost little when companies order in a bulk, it's a practical business gift for employees and customers.

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