R.I.P Jimmy

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My precious guinea pig jimmy boy had crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday, I'm so upset and heartbroken. I havent stopped crying since I found his body in the little house. My guilt has eaten me since then that I haven't been paying as much attention as I did 1-2 years ago. I used to take him out every night when i get home from school and cuddle him every night, as time goes by i started to spend less time with him. I cleaned his cage give him food and water occassionaly took him outside so he could walk around. but life just got busier with another dog in the home with us and life eventually took over and I know this should not be an excuse please dont bash for this, i feel extremely guilty for being a bad pet owner. 

I can't stop thinking about how I neglected my sweet little guinea pig who I picked up from the pet store when i first moved out from Florence's house and finally I could had my own pet without my landlord's nagging, sasly my ex landlord passed away 3 months ago ... Jimmy was everything I had at the time, without jimmy I won't have Gary and others. He was the smallest one of the bunch and always sat alone in the corner and hide in his little house. He was my son, the son I love the most and spend the less time with. I feel so guilty and I think that he could have lived longer if I had treated him better. I should've learned my lesson when he started to lose weight. No matter how much I fed him, he wasn't gaining any weight but losing it.. now i can't stop thinking that maybe if i would have paid more attention to him he would still be squeaking around in his little wooden house. I am heartbroken and my tears have been dripping all over me. At this moment, I can't think of anything else beside jimmy. R.I.P Jimmy, mommy love you forever... poor jimmy, he's only 3 and half years old..

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  1. RIP Jimmy, I will miss you forever! You are always been a part of my family. I love you!


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