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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Yeah. Finally, I received my Asus Epc 1000He, well of course, not just received, but I got it couple weeks ago. :-) But why I still need a netbook even though I have a vista ultimate, 22 inches sitting at home, plus my 15'4 Sony Vaio on my desk? Yes!, that's right, my stupid 15.4 Sony Vaio is a piece of garbage (pardon me for all Sony lovers out there) I am a huge Sony fan myself, I have use everything from Sony, such as the Play Station, the Sony Hi-Fi, The Camera, The Laptop, The Phone, The Music Player... bla bla bla. But seriously.. The Vaio I'm currently using, is "urg" speechless -_-"

Anyway. Due to my school work, and better travel companion, finally I put my hands on ASUS EPC 1000HE. Based on my experience for couple weeks, I think the best selling point of this product are superior battery life. A year before, 2.5 hours on my Vaio has been very good. But not really ... So obviously Asus eeeepc 1000HE up to 9.5 hours continuous use! Such alarming figures, relying mainly on a support of a 8700mAh battery. 1000HE also uses a more power-saving new processors: only 2.5W power consumption of Atom N280, clocked at 1.66GHz; with more energy-efficient LED-backlit display; In addition, ASUS energy saving technology developed by SHE (Super Hybrid Engine), have to say that this is a really good thingy to use.

In addition, 1000HE's another selling point is newest Intel Atom N-280, the 802.11b/g/n Wireless and Bluetooth 2.0, so 1000HE is able to enjoy more high-speed Internet experience. On top of that, the EEeepc come wit the hard disk capacity remains at 160GB. But as the Eee PC as part of the promotion, ASUS comes with a 10GB offered by the ASUS online space. But i think is useless (at least for me, 160GB is good for my school work)
And the last, the keyboard design is different than previous model, the new keyboard design is stylish and sturdy (same as mac book). The screen is a good size for watching movies, and the hotkeys are nice to be able to change the screen resolution so you can see full webpages without having to scroll over. The design of the netbook itself is pretty well done, I got mine in Black. But there is a cons, that is the thickness. Is a little thick for a netbook (Thicker than Lenovo S101), but still, better than Vaio. And the screen brightness is not as bright as a lot other notebooks. Oh.. also, I upgraded my memory to!

My view

But seriously think about it, it just a NetBook! I mean, a small whatever pc.. travel piece that can last me more than 7 hours without charging when I use the wireless.. So now I have this awesome little machine. I can throw it in a bag. What else I can ask for?

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  1. I have my eye on the HP touch screen. But I heard there aren't too many good reviews on the netbook itself. Should I get 1000HE instead? I am actually deciding between Asus 1000HE, HP Touch screen and samsung N10

  2. I owned the Samsung netbook, the keyboard isn't as good as this one. You can't beat the "Mac" key.

  3. i'm getting a Dell laptop soon :D
    glad to know that VAIO is not worth to buy

  4. Dell have some pretty decent laptop. Check out Toshiba also.

  5. wow sounds like nt bad. i'm using sony VGN-FZ17G. quite ok for me hehe. anyway, thanks for sharing ya!

  6. Sony is not as bad as you think. Is quite decent too. But the Cons is...battery life are way too sort, on top of that, is pretty pricey.

  7. I just got my Asus 1000he in package today. Can't wait to open it. (FUll of ex)

  8. it looks cool, but im using dell =D

  9. great review ^^ personally i prefer the new MSI wind 120U :D

  10. I'm using the 1000HA, it was good. but seems like 1000HE has improved in the keyboard design and use the N280 atom.

  11. This is absolutely a good netbook. Worth for the price and quality. too Bad. Can't buy it in Malaysia and is too expensive in RM

  12. get the EPC and purchase a touch-screen kit later. voila!

  13. yeah, i've been thinkin about ASUS 1000HE lately ^^, i guess it's main power is the battery.. others are optional.. my second choice possibly MSI Wind 115 with 6/9 cell battery..
    but ASUS is ~100$ more expensive in indonesia than another product T^T whyyy~


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