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Thursday, April 09, 2009

The global warming effect on Antarctica has gotten serious! And this is affecting the entire world. Global warming is caused by many different factors, and some of these factors are greenhouse gas emissions that is the vehicles used that run on fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline, melting of ice and snow in the Antarctica Peninsula. The ice shelves in the area are breaking up and melting and lead to increased sea levels.

More. Penguins, which nest in areas most affected by global warming are seeing a decrease in population numbers, because ideal nesting spots are slowly becoming more scarce, The Krill in the sea is also being affected. This is caused by less ice in the sea around Antarctica. As well as almost all other forms of marine life in the area. Many fish, whales, and other marine species feed on the Krill, and with less of this food source there will be fewer species capable of surviving in the area. This will have a profound effect on commercial fishing in the area, and a decline in the amount of fish in our food supply chain.
Global Warming Antarctica
The global warming effect on Antarctica can have devastating results for the entire world. When ice melts and the sea rises, this leads to more moisture in the air. This means more rain and snow in other areas, and this will affect millions of people. Coastal lands of every continent may become flooded due to rising sea levels, leading to less land in an already overpopulated world. Food crops are greatly affected, causing food shortages and starvation deaths, especially in countries that are not developed. There is also a rise in natural disasters like devastating storms, such as typhoons and hurricanes, that are caused by global warming and the Antarctic ice cap melting. Hurricane Katrina in the United States and elsewhere may be an example of what future storms will be like if we do not stop global warming now.
The global warming may not be reversible, but we can minimize the damage by using renewable energy sources that are friendly to the environment and can greatly reduce the global warming effect in Antarctica. Global warming effect on Antarctica is just the first step in a process that will end with the earth becoming uninhabitable for future generations. This must not be allowed to happen, and steps must be taken now to reduce and eliminate global warming, not only to protect Antarctica but the entire world.
Please .... You, please save our earth ..... Our mother nature ....

Earth Day 2009 is on April 22

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  1. wmust save our planet. I am so worry about my following generation. Earth will be gone less than a decade

  2. We definitely have to do something not just to save Antarctica, if not to save all the world, because if global warming continues, We gonna experiment the disappearance of the world.


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