Goodbye Winter

Thursday, March 19, 2009

- heavy winter jacket
- layers of clothes when I’m sleeping
- ultra creamy hand lotion
- puddles on the street
- short day long night
- the "stuck in the house" phenomenon
- the threat of flu
- the nasty subway wait
- grey sky mornings with cups of grey black tea
- the naked tree branches

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  1. I hate the spring rain

  2. good bye rainy days since I can't experience snow here.

  3. ...It's still 34F outside right now. This Spring phenomenon isn't coming yet it seems. We'll get plenty more puddles on the sidewalks if you want Spring here so darn badly. And subway waits will always be nasty. >>; I prefer it cold rather than hot.

    And the flu is around all year long! Viruses don't suddenly go away because the weather changes, hon. -_-;

  4. Oh yeah. clowangel. i am totally agreed with you


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