My Daily Dream - Tuscany, Italy

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Five o'clock in the afternoon, turn on the Beethoven, a glass of 98 port wine, day dreaming a Tuscany Journey.

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  1. Italy is beautiful. I been to Rome once, and I loved it.

  2. Beautiful place..have you gone there already? Fuhh amazing hehehe

  3. Hi there!!

    Beautiful pics u have. Makes us feel like going Italy right now! Hehe.

    Oh by the way, guess what? Your link is still in our network, safe and sound. We named the link 'Reflections'. But seems that u have changed your blog title, so we will change the title yeah?

    Have a great week ahead! =)=)=)

  4. where did you got all those amazing pictures? awesome!

  5. wow that's fantastic!! (wtf!) hehehe... thanks for sharing these pictures.

    @bi3L Online
    Spread the Love!!!

  6. hehehe... thats new.. wtf! hehehe...

    what can you expect from Italy.

    thank you for the pix...

    My Tech Blog
    Things I got from the Net!!!

  7. (replying from my blog)

    Heyya, imma here! Thx for dropping by..

    Awesome pictures you found.. =D
    btw, saw ur birthday post, am here to wish ya HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! XD


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