I'm Home on Fri Cold Night

Thursday, February 19, 2009

February winter time, I'm home on a Friday night...in New York City...by myself. Play with the cat.There were opportunities to go out tonight, to meet up with an old friend. But it's cold and I'm tired, I'm lazy, I'm hooked with my desk, I have so much to do, I'm ..... I have too many excuses.
After work, I went to CVS Pharmacy to get some frozen dinner, they sell better Lean Cuisine than the grocery store nearby where I live. I also bought two dozen of eggs in the store. Not like I am an eggoholic or something, but eggs does contain more than just protein, definetly if eat too much of it would more likely to get the potential likelihood of food poisoning. But oh well, I'm still not sick.

Did I mention that I have a "new" upgraded computer? I guess not. It was a gift of a good friend of me. I consider myself a technology chick, but now I'm stuck with the Window Vista Ultimate, and not having a good time with it. I definetly miss Windows XP.
Ermmm... Actually, I took it back about what I said about the Window Vista Ultimate. It's a decent OS for the pc that are support 32bit or higher. Apperently it has fewer crashes than the XP.
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  1. I am one of your reader. You write some pretty good stuff and nice pictures. Stay warm in New York! I have bf oredi ... hehee hope to see new post soon. :) X)


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