Christmas in Disney World

Friday, December 26, 2008

New York City these days is very holiday like. Every year when it come down to the end of the year, we have Halloween, Thanks Giving, Hanukkah, Christmas etc.. Especially in New York, Christmas trees are at every corner with lights, fake snow flakes and holiday music. Stores put on special holiday exhibitions with bright colors and fairy tales. Tourists and shoppers crowd every shopping district. Nothing could beat the shopping district 34th Street, the legend of Macys, and the glamorous in Saks Avenue. Year 2008, I had a unique, unforgettable Christmas. Christmas eve in Disney World! Orlando.

We started out the journey in Magic Kingdom on the first day of our Disney experience.

I wish I dream. All my wishes come true when the 15 minutes of fireworks begun. Wishes!

The next day we head up to Epcot. The dream maker of future Disney!

Glad to have a new baby! Nemo! hehe

Merry Christmas! Say Cheese to Hollywood Studio.

The movie making exposure scene.

The magic of Disney tales.

I took tons of pictures while I went to Disney, but nothing beat the sweet memories I had in Disney. Hopefully there will be another trip again to Disney with the exactly same person. ^_^

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