Is Okay To Have Secrets, Rights?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am one of the girl who like to keep my secret to myself. How about you? What are you hiding? Everybody's got something. What's the story next? There are several things that are very normal when we do it sometimes (to some people). Check it out!

  • Having a friends secret. My best friend is gay?
  • Opening a bank account out of the blue. (Which one is my saving acct? I don't remember)
  • Keeping a private stash of porn. Porno gallery perhaps?
  • Keeping the picture of your ex. (Hello honey, who's that guy/girl in the picture that I found in the kitchen?
  • Hiding health problems. Admit it. You got diabetes!
  • Honey, I can't buy you lunch no more. "Are you short of money?" "No..No..I'm just, I mean, maybe.." Admit it. You have financial problem!
  • Doing your magic acting show when your bf/gf asked about your past relationship, or maybe past sexual relationship?
  • Being open about parties? Wanna rock the night out without letting someone know?
  • Gossip King or gossip queen?

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  1. maybe ur gf/bf are searching for an affair,who knows

  2. hey jess...i am addicted to porn....
    i have a hidden stash of porn..even my gf dunno bout it..

  3. one of my best friends is gay... unfortunately it's not a secret, haha. so no secret to keep.


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