A Challenge for JUNKIE!! Final+Results

Thursday, April 24, 2008

To the author of "Rock Your Undies Off".....
To the blog owner of "The Scavenger" from London .....
To the guy who like to sifting through crap to find the good stuff .....

To someone who called himself Junkie ..... here's an interesting challenge for you .....

You have 2 choices. Either you pick the drawing thingy or write a short story. The topic is gonna be "Cock and Balls; Nuts Drop". Sounds weird huh? But is okay. Junkie. I know you're smart enough to figure out how to get this piece of art done. You have A weekend as time limit. ;)


No. 44444 has a submission, see it
As times goes by, deadline already up, and here we go, this is the results from "The Scavenger", pretty amazing right? I mean seriously, I am amaze by his drawing creative skill.

(Click to enlarge)

And here you go! Mr. Junkie. A Creative Fish's Award present to: Mr Junkie
The purpose of doing it? Humor. KSCB user, show some support! leave a comment!

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  1. I accept your challenge, fish. Monday morning 8am shall be the deadline - UK time. Ooooo, I'm hooked...

  2. Yeah. You're hooked!! I'm Miss Devil. hehe

  3. uhuh...i dun understand the topic at all =P how to leave a good comment ...god knows

  4. Cock and Balls; Nuts Drop~

    Time to let your imagination go wild ! :D

  5. jess..that is so random..LOL..

  6. wow~
    junkie have been an interesting fellow all the time

  7. jess: so random!!!! hahaha

    junkie: woot~ *supports*

  8. Ahaha, I was like, rofl, when I junkie posted this.

  9. Can I convince more people to JOIN ME??? This is the funniest thing ever!

  10. wtf 44444.. wahahhahaha damn funny!this was a great idea jess ><

  11. Hey fish, my post is up! :) Leave a comment!!!!!!!


  12. Didn't anyone notice the hidden secrets, within
    that seemingly simple art ??? :((

    Take notice at the ball size and dick length,
    the one who WON THE PENIMACHY
    came out with a longer penis and bigger balls !! :D

    This comic was actually based from the ancient
    secret bloody Gladiator tournaments in the deep dark Greek Colosseums.
    The Roman Emperor Vespasian came up with the idea
    in the first century AD, and built the Flavian Amphitheater
    just for this event.

    The penis is equipped with a sort of very sharp razorblade, and the aim is to cut off the balls.
    It is very rare that the victory can be achieved with a one-hit-kill, with battles lasting for
    hours, inflicting slow fatigue to the enemy, as the kkj bleeds slowly from small cuts.

    The extremely cruel event was called Penimachy. I'm not kidding..... o.o
    It is one of the darkest secrets in human history. Email me if you want proof.

    If you wish to discover this secret yourself, I won't spoil the fun for you. Start by googling "Priapus". LOOK CLOSELY.


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