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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Official selection of Toronto Film Festival; Winner-Camera D'or Cannes Film Festival; Official selection Telluride Film Festival.

JELLY FISH, the new film from acclaimed Israeli author Etgar Keret is opening in NYC this Friday, April 4th, 2008!!

Lincoln Plaza Cinemas
1886 Broadway
between 62nd and 63rd
(212) 757-0359

Angelika Film Center
18 West Houston Street
at Mercer Street
(212) 995-2000

You don't have to be a Hebrew speaker to watch this amazing movie. It come with English subtitles. Too bad I only know this movie will be playing in United States, but probably check online, you might find something.

This is a film by Etgar Keret & Shira Geffen.

" Poignant, often witty and exceedingly cinematic, JELLY FISH (MEDUZOT), tells the story of three very different Tel Aviv women whose intersecting stories weave an unlikely portrait of modern Israeli life. Batya, a catering waitress, takes in a child apparently abandoned at a local beach. Batya is one of the servers at a wedding reception of Keren, a bride who breaks her leg escaping a locked toilet stall, ruining her chance at a dream Caribbean honeymoon. And attending the event with an employer is Joy, a non Hebrew-speaking domestic worker who has guiltily let her son behind in her native Philippines.

As this distaff trip separately wends their way through Israel's most cosmopolitan city, they struggle with issues of communication, affection, and destiny-but at times find uneasy refuge in its tranquil seas."

- I can't wait till April 4th, I'm going to watch this film with Felix. .")(".

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  1. hey you forgot my b' day dude!i am your niece .and u forgot!god i told a boy in my class saying that you are my aunt and he does not believe it. you post a comment about me or something please on my yahoo.please help jelly fish

  2. to my niece..!! sorry!! happy belated birthday!! I'm all stuck in my exams and work lately, its been driving nuts, but anyway, happy birthday~

  3. I watched this movie with Felix!! It was amazing! Great Movie!!


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