Subway Rider

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Every day I ride the Subway.

The MTA. New York City Transit. I go from Brooklyn to Manhattan, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, from Manhattan to Queens and, very occasionally, From Queens to Manhattan.

This is my life ......

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  1. hm.. seems really interesting. why is it i still no see you on campus lolz. so sad haha

  2. I bet the train company has a station named after you with you being such a good customer and all:)

    You know this was one helluva an exciting post so I think I will pass out from "excitement" now!

    And yes I am only teasing you and joking so dont "take your guns to town" and start hunting me down like a rabbid dog just yet (see I know how you are thinking,lol)

    Take care!

  3. 2 different pictures,one within flash,another without flash,But I like use flash one more than another !!(My opinion)

  4. you are subway rider!! I am freedom rider haha!!! quite funny huh??


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