Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey guys.. I got a mission for ya..

Mission :

The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is an opportunity for thousands of people to come together, to connect, to share their stories, and to celebrate life. Most important, it allows each of us to make a real impact in the fight against this disease.

The Avon Walks are produced by the Avon Foundation, an accredited 501(c)(3) public charity, which also oversees management and distribution of the funds raised. 100% of the net proceeds from the Avon Walks are returned to the breast cancer cause nationwide to support breast cancer awareness, screening and diagnosis, treatment, support services and scientific research.

For more information about the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer please
click here.

Native New Yorkers know that this is a city for walking. But both the born-and-bred and first-time visitors will be surprised by some of the Big Apple’s hidden treasures. The Avon Walk New York takes you to the east side, the west side and all around the town in the only way to truly experience New York - on foot.
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For 2 days and 39 miles, everyone who has been touched by breast cancer touches you - in gratitude. Your participation - as a Walker, a Crew Member, a Volunteer or a Donor - will allow medically underserved women and men to be treated giving them access to the care they require. And hard-working research teams will be powered by the funds they need to fuel their quest for the cure.

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  1. hey you know the breast canncer thing is kind of good. it could help so much people
    you should post more of these things on this blog i would be there to see
    your budy y.k

  2. Hi! My wife, a bc survivor, and I will be joining the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer here in the Philippines tomorrow - October 7


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