Pub/Club review in Ipoh, Malaysia

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

There isn't may things I can do while I staying in Ipoh, Malaysia for the summer, last weekend me and my friends went to a new pub/club called "SHARK" near by Tesco. Our waitress was VERY sweet and attentive. Bouncer that was in our area was nice and cool. Club wasn't crowded and had a small VIP section. Club wasn't packed by 11pm, and dance floor was totally empty. Music was a little odd. Mostly 80's Mandarin song mixed techno, I like a little bit of a mix with English Hip-Hop and rap, but unfortunately, is not quite often to hear. All night long is was a short mix of bad music with a good song played once in a while. Because I think the music is much to be desired. At some point, SHARK got a reputation as the place to be seen for the "girls hunting" club crowd. You'll find plenty of wall flies, and very little actual dancing. Rum Jungle in sunway has an increasingly good reputation, SHARK does nothing but harm it.

Me -> The sillydrunkfish is acting silly!

But anyway, less than 2 hours plus some beers, we still had good pictures taken. Later on we went to Rum Jungle for dance. It still okay at the end of the night. At least I enjoyed my dance on the stage.

My friends that I went with..

Mandy, Apple

Elena, Seong Fei

Shirley, and me

Better finish my beers before we went to Rum...

Before we left the pub

By the way, if you are interested in dancing, sitting, drinking, eating, talking, this is not the perfect place for you. But if If you are interested in only hot chicks and nice waiter, this is the perfect place for you. This is only my own opinion plus some others, do not count me on your own reviews :P

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  1. at least you enjoy yourself when visited SHARK.....thanks for visiting my blog....

  2. next time cum follow me go the loft...

  3. haha ipoh doesnt have much of a night life, thats my hometown and ive never gone clubbing there b4, just the usual eating supper spots....

  4. Good news! Flekx, now gives you free calls to Malaysia mobile. Check it out

  5. SHARK is lala place~ very jinjang!!!

  6. I have been to Shark, i think it's okay for a club in ipoh. not bad wat.. they are quite creative~~

  7. rum jungle mother fucker..saturday night no people..only kancil car outside..

  8. Rum Jungle was fun. But I think it used to be good, not anymore (from what I heard) Crime rate is pretty high in Malaysia nowadays.


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