Penang Day Trip

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I went to Penang with two good friends of mine, Ansen and Shirley. Malaysia on the weekend, 7-7-2007. We drove there. Though Penang is just an hour and half away, the trip was a first time experience for me. Imagine what did I found in the Island, especially with the proliferation of “high rise” apartment buildings, dare I say it but the place is starting to look more like Singapore!

Penang Bridge

Penang is definitely an Island on the go. Penang, today, is a resort island in full bloom — an idyllic playground for sun and sea worshippers.

I was the photographer during the Penang trip so I didn't get many photos on my own (I like to shot others).

Our first stop is the magnificent Kek Lok Si Temple, or the Monastery on Crane Hill, we were supposed to walk there from the Penang Hill however because of the accustomed to the heat and humidity, we drove up the hill.

About Kek Lok Si Temple, this is an amazing place, and well worth at least few hours of your time, especially with the construction of the huge pergola over the top of the Kuan Yin Statue, which is a project and a half, consisting of a number of giant pillars, there must be at least 16 or more, using pre-cast and sculptured concrete rings, about 2 and a half meters in diameter, and about 1 meter high, each weighing a ton. Someone does believe each column will have either 42 or 44 of these rings, and the carvings are just breathtaking such that when assembled they actually look like marble. Giant, huh?
The Temple. Ansen and Shirley
I am a small small girl, in the big big world ...

The Pagoda! I told myself to climb this, and I did it! lol

Finally reached! lol! Top view from the stairs I’ve just walked. Nice!

Next stop, we heading towards the Butterfly Park.

You could see this sign all over the place in butterfly park.

Ansen try to catch the butterfly.

Oh.. The lousy girl arr ...

Shirley and Ansen.

Ansen, before we left the butterfly park.

More butterfly shots, please click here link to my portfolio.

::| Fish's Portfolio |::

Next stop is Gurney Plaza. We went shopping for 3 hours. YEAH (Im a big shopper). After that we had dinner near by the plaza, hmn ... The food wasn't that great though ..

Hmn, I still got a picture taken during my dinner.

Last stop. The Beach nearby The Crown's Hotel. We were acting crazy and running all over the place, people looked at us seems like we just got out from mental hospital, lol. We had lots of fun. Here is some of the pictures that we took i the beach.

The Crown Hotel

Shirley and Ansen. My crazy friends.

1..2..3.. JUMP!

Hey STOP!!! I need my bag back! me...sillydrunkfish

Hmn... Those fingers weren't mine..

See who's the biggest!

Aww ... all sweaty...

And now finally, on the way back to Ipoh. ~ Happy ending ~

Ansen, Me, Shirley

Penang Day Trip!
Penang food blog will be up soon! The Ship Restaurant- The Best Steak in Town!

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