Ocean's 13 movie review

Monday, June 18, 2007

Last weekend me and Victor went to see Ocean's 13 in PJ's cinema. Well, if you are familiar with the Ocean's series, you can't wait to see Danny Ocean and his rascally gang is back. This time in a heist whose motive is not gain - at least not monetary gain - but revenge! A pretty serious movie.

So Oceans 13 it was ...
The movie has some real cool characters, thieves. Danny (George Clooney), Rusty (Brad Pitt) and Linus (Matt Damon) - driving the planning and laying the setup and go all out to take revenge when their friend Reuben (Elliott Gould) is cheated in a real estate deal by Willie Banks, the ruthless casino owner (Al Pacino). What a great casts! I guess they were more than half the attraction.
In conclusion, it was a great movie. The film itself was pretty entertaining, good sense of humor, smooth and well laid out. Everyone in the movie pretty much did their parts, but Brad looked a little tired. I though it had a romantic entanglement, but it wasn't what I thought. I like the "Big nose guy" which I don't remember his name. He is very funny and full of entertainment in the movie.
So, it was a good movie. At least I would choose to see this movie rather than 200 pounds beauty. (Korean movie)

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