Don’t Throw The TV Out Just Yet! What That Box In The Corner Of The Living Room Can Do For Modern Family Life

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Is the television the only constant in your living room or maybe, your life? If it is, then maybe it's time to move it? But, while this has been the backbone of family life for the past 60 years, is it now time to do away with the television, or is this giving in to technology a little too much?

What TV Does For Families

People think that the TV is an idiot box, in actual fact, the television could be the one reason your family gets together in the first place. It's were thinking, that in this day and age, where we can do anything we want on a device, on the go, or in our bedrooms, the television has a pride of place in the living room for a lot of families, because, even though they don't talk, they're actually spending quality time together. The fact of the matter is now, that television has increased in quality, there are more premium channels available and the choice is endless. If you were to get rid of the TV, would your family spend time together? It seems that a lot of families would not. And so, if you think about the television being a sort of lifeline, where you are all taking the opportunity to sit down on the couch, and even discuss things idly while Iron Chef is on, then surely this justifies the TV’s existence?


As a family unit, the children can usually get up and leave the room, because there's something they don't want to watch. In this respect, it's worth using the TV as a compromise, so you can all sit down and watch something that every member of the family enjoys. And also, it's worth thinking about what the TV can do for you as a family. For example, it's a great way to spark debate, or if there are quiz shows on, it's going to encourage some friendly competition. Compromising using the TV is one of the great ways to keep a family together.

Should We Get Rid Of The TV Entirely?

For all of the positives of having a television, especially with the modern family unit, a lot of people don't see the point, because it's just a box in the corner of a living room, taking up space, and while every other device in the house is being used in other rooms, as well as streaming services in the bedrooms, it could be too much cost to keep. But, there are still major events that warrant having a big TV screen, such as sports games, movies, and so on. While we are all watching TV on devices or small TVs in our bedrooms, if we are a family unit that doesn't spend much time together, a big television in the living room might be one of the ways we can get the family together for quality time without it seeming forced. This may seem like a sad state of affairs, but if you choose the right programming, then quality time in front of the TV could be just that.

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