Wicker Furniture: Bright Furniture Designs Inside and Out

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wicker Furniture: Bright Furniture Designs Inside and Out
Wicker furniture is versatile and can fill a wide variety of your home decorating needs. Wicker furniture from Maine Cottage is bright and a luxurious addition to your home furnishings. Even though wicker furniture is best known for use on patios and in outdoor space, the custom wicker furniture  done at Maine Cottage goes perfectly indoors too. You can add a touch of beach cottage style bright designs to any room in your home.
At MaineCottage.com the variety of wicker furniture is virtually endless. You can choose from different tables, seating options, or storage, each design is customizable in 50 different colors. For further choices, see the tables are available in dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, or desks; in addition to chairs, rockers and sofas are available too.
Emily Wicker Desk:

Matching Wicker Coffee Table and Storage Baskets

Wicker Chair with colorful print cushioned seat choices:

Warm and inviting wicker living room set:

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