5 Cheap Holiday Destinations for Winter 2013/14

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

During the winter we all need to escape the cold and grey sky of home. Most people find travelling to a warmer location rather costly forcing them to stay home till the off season. The good news is that there are numerous bargain holiday destinations on HolidayHypermarket.co.uk for this coming winter where you can have a fabulous break without breaking the bank. Check out these wonderfully warm holiday destinations and start dreaming of where you can go this winter.


Dominican Republic
This wonderfully under-visited island is especially cheap to fly to from Europe and the US during winter months. The island boasts every possible climate for the spontaneous traveller so if you're feeling like hiking in the rainforest or prefer to lay on the beach, the Dominican Republic has something for you. The food is influenced from all the region’s varied cultures, mostly with a Cuban or Spanish flare. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts if you prefer to pay once. Otherwise, plenty of budget travel options from B & B's to hostel-style accommodation await.

This Atlantic isle has so much to offer from luxury hotels to stylish Quinta’s. You will definitely enjoy every minute spent here. Madeira boasts steep cobbled streets, elegant colonial architecture, atmospheric wine lodges, enticing walking trails, lush green valleys as well as beautiful pebble and sand beaches. While here, you can enjoy boat and superb fishing trips and sunbathing by the beaches among other things. You can be sure to find an accommodation facility as well as meals  that fit into your budget. Moreover, most of the facilities do not require any admission fee.

Goa, India
Goa records temperatures of about 32 degrees during winter, and that makes it a perfect place to spend your winter holidays. Goa offers soft sandy beaches where you can enjoy the sun. Apart from laying on those stunning beaches, you can also enjoy a local cuisine that is famous for its spices. Goa is also home to a variety of water sports and diving activities. Most importantly, these will not cost you much so you can enjoy your holiday on budget.

Algarve, Portugal
This area is best known for golden beaches, fantastic rugged scenery and wonderful sunshine. You can try a host of activities that include scuba diving, golfing at the world class golf courses. Algarve is also great for water sporting activities. Moreover, there are countless cafes, bars, and restaurants that you can choose from, most of which are very affordable.

Gambia records temperatures of 30 degrees during winter so you are practically guaranteed a great time on the beaches. You can also take a walk to the atmospheric street markets as well as experience exotic wildlife from crocodiles to hippos among other animals. If you love birds then you can also be sure of seeing the over 550 species!

Canary Islands
Select any of the four islands, all of which boast buzzing resorts at a pocket friendly cost. The islands include Fuerteventura, which promises tranquility as well as white sandy beaches. Or you could try Gran Canaria and explore its Sahara-style sand dunes or water sports in Puerto. Lanzarote has the Timanfaya National Park, whereas Tenerife is famed for Mount Teide, a volcano that dominates the entire island. No matter what island you do choose, they all have plenty of sunshine all year round.

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