How To Use Mirrors For Clever Interior Design

Monday, March 18, 2013

We would all love to live in a mansion but we need to be realistic and admit that this is pretty unlikely to happen. Millions of pounds may fall into your lap unannounced one day but for now it's important that we make the most of what we have got. One of the most common tricks used by interior designers to make a small home look larger and brighter is the introduction of a few well-placed mirrors. Here is a step-by-step guide on exactly how to pull this off perfectly.

Extend on Your Window to the World: If you are lucky enough to have large window that open out onto a pretty view, you are already half way there when it comes to adding those secret dimensions of your home or flat. A mirror positioned opposite a window will absorb natural light and make the room feel more welcoming, and it will also reflect the view that you have from outside which automatically adds a feeling of extra length to your place.

Keep that Fire Burning: If your home has a cozy little fireplace as a feature you can also take advantage of this with the introduction of a mirror. The flames will reflect in the mirror adding a feeling of space as well as giving the room a real focal point. The double image of that nice warm fire will also make the environment seem warmer and more inviting.

Hall of Mirrors: A home's hallway can be a problematic area with many of them feeling as though they are too big and wasteful of space, or others can often invoke a feeling of claustrophobia. Mirrors will wipe away all of that negativity. If your hallway feels too narrow stagger some pretty mirrors along its length, doing this will introduce a relieving sense of width. If you feel your hallway feels too open and empty try to put a mirror at its end. This will seem to double the length of your space, giving it a roomy majestic feel.

Bedroom Depth: If you want to give a bit of something extra to your bedroom, try putting a mirror in the gap between two windows. This little trick provides a sense of depth which makes the living space feel less constricted.

Money Bags?: If you have some spare cash to burn why not invest in a full length wall to ceiling mirror. There is simply no better way to imbue a room with a real sense of size than this. It looks dramatic and it will leave you feeling like a millionaire.

Paint and Mirrors: You should always be careful when using dark colors in small spaces but a good tip on how to add space when windows are lacking is to paint a wall a deep, dark color and then hang a good quality mirror in its center. Not only does it add the much needed depth you are looking for but it looks classy too.

Take Advantage of Everything: While it is true that mirrors do seem to work best when used in conjunction with windows, it is obviously going to be difficult to take advantage of this if your home or flat is lacking in them. Don't despair, think about what it is that is most attractive about a particular room and try to reflect that in the mirror. Good targets could be paintings or sculptures. Think about the shape of what you are reflecting as this will determine whether you add height or width to the room. Using this little selection of tricks and tips your house will soon start looking the way you have always wanted it to, and you won't even dream of those longed for millions anymore. Have fun!

By Alisha Webb. Alisha is a blogger and interior designer of her own home. She recently bought some mirrors from Tom Falkner for her new home.

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  1. Mirror is an important element in interior design, it makes the spaces seems bigger than it is if mirrors are placing in the right spot.

  2. Mirror, specially big mirror is always used to enhance the look the of room. I always suggest a big, 6 feet, mirror in bedroom. This look really charming, have a look at the last pic, simply alluring.

    1. I agreed! Mirrors are perfect for a small spaces too!

  3. A home's hallway can be a problematic area with many of them feeling as though they are too big and wasteful of space, or others can often invoke a feeling of claustrophobia. Mirrors will wipe away all of that negativity.

  4. I could really use these tips in redecorating my place, since I have many mirrors stocked in my house. I love these interior designs and it’s giving me many ideas on how to improve my house.

  5. Good thing I never thought of throwing my extra mirrors away. I could refer to this tips and start giving my home a new look.

  6. In the process of building a new house so I am on design blog overload at the moment but what I have decided that I want more than anything in my new house is - I want to love every single thing.

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