My Manicure Review on Nail Works, Latham NY

Friday, June 17, 2011

Last week was the weekend getaway in Latham, NY. I stopped by in a local nail salon called Nail Works. Wonderful! Not too expensive compare to the city and the service was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. The salon itself are pretty clean and spacious, no Jerry Springer type stuff on t.v, It was pretty quite.

When I said I wanted "something different" for my nail art they actually offered me more than just a flower. The girl was nice enough to actually put the nail polish on her own nail first to show me so I'd pick the color I wanted!

After a long drive from New York City, it was a very relaxing day. They did wonderful foot, leg, and hand massages all included in the deluxe mani and pedicure.

Quality of Manicure: I am pleased with the end result of my manicure. The color was applied evenly and fully covers each nail nicely.

Quality of Service: The workers were careful, diligent, and polite. They weren't talking smack on the customers in another language or anything like a lot of other places.

Overall Impression of Facility: I was very impressed with the facility. It appeared very clean and very relaxing, with huge pedicure chairs, lots of seating in the front of the store, and a small Zen fountain on the reception area.

Conclusion: Overall I enjoyed my experience at the salon and would definitely consider going back

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