I Got Some Free Business Cards From VistaPrint!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When my friend first build website, he often get a set of free business cards from VistaPrint. What he would usually do is pass these around to people so they'll remember to try his new comedy site.

I check it out online and I found out its actually a very good deal! You can actually print it as business card or personal card.

For the basic package, VistaPrint will send you 250 cards on good quality paper for free. You only have to pay shipping - which is under $6. It's cheaper and easier than printing them yourself.
The problem is that VistaPrint offers 42 fairly mediocre designs for the free cards. I prefer simple cards, often with a white background.
Here is my current templates I like the most. I'm not saying this are great designs, but they do the job just fine, and they're basically free. By the way, i think is cute :)

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